Annual Fund


"The arts add an important dimension to life and a quality theatre company, so close to home, is a valuable resource worth supporting"
- Dick Crawford, Melrose


Wondering exactly how your dollars at the theatre are spent?

Below is an example of how much things cost!

$25,000:   Light, sound, and set designer salaries for one season.
$10,000:  Guest directors honoarium for one season.
$7,500:   Costume Designers Salary for the season.
$5,000:   Pays royalties for young company summer shows.
$3,000:   Pays for the set for one show (non-musical).
$1,000:   Pays for the costumes for one small-cast show.
$200:     Pays for batteries for cordless mics for one musical.
$20:      Pays for one bulb for one theatre light.
$5:        Pays for one sheet of color filter for lighting.

Your gift could be doubled!

Check this list to see if your company matches charitable gifts and your gift could double in size! (Confirm with your business as this list does change annually.)