Meet the Runners

Bradley Jensen

Shonna Cirone

Kristin McNelis

Three members of Stoneham Theatre's family will be making the 26.2 mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston in the 2013 Boston Marathon in support of their favorite theatre.

In addition to the 26.2 miles they will run, they have each agreed to raise at least $5,000 to support Stoneham Theatre. Learn more about why they are running and how you can support them in their endeavors.

Team Captain Bradley Jensen

As a graduate of the young company at Stoneham Theatre, and now a teacher in the program, Brad is running because he loves everything and anything that has to do with 395 Main Street. For over ten years, Stoneham Theatre has been a major part of Brad's life. And, now, he is the only one in his family that has not run a marathon! So, following in the footsteps of mom, sister and grandfather, Brad is tackling the Boston Marathon. And what better a way to run than to support the Theatre in which he has been so involved.



Shonna Cirone

Shonna graced Stoneham Theatre's stage in the Ensemble of The Full Monty last Spring. Although she is an exercise instructor and actress, Shonna never expected to run a marathon. But in 2006, she started with the Couch to 5K program, and 100lbs and two half-marathons later, she is ready to tackle the Boston Marathon. As a Woburn resident, Shonna knows how much value Stoneham Theatre adds to the community.



Kristin McNelis

Kristin grew up seeing her older sister Kiera on Stoneham Theatre's stage and loves the access that Stoneham Theatre and the young company give to children. Kristin started running after college to keep in shape, and in 2010, she ran her first half-marathon. Since then, she has run three more half-marathons and can't wait to tackle her first full marathon with Boston, in support of the Theatre she grew up with!